Evergreen Club had its beginnings with a group of young German immigrants who would gather after attending English evening classes. They would enjoy an evening of “Gemütlichkeit”; meaning music, singing, dancing, enjoying refreshments, etc. The club was founded on May 24th, 1932, under the name “Heimatbund”, or Homeland Society. These informal gatherings lasted until 1937, when a group of men, most of them connected with full-fashioned hosiery business in the area, thought it would be a good idea to have their own clubhouse in the countryside. In September 1937, they purchased approximately 44 acres of land (our present location) in Ruscombmanor Township, consisting of a farmhouse, barn, woodland, and some cultivated and uncultivated areas, for the price of $2,660.00.

In 1948, the name of the Club was changed to “Evergreen Country Club, Inc.”. Over the years, many renovations were made. The Clubhouse was enlarged, a modern bar was installed, and a pavilion was erected in the grove. The Ladies Auxiliary lent the moral and monetary support, as well as a helping hand to these projects, just as they continue today.

In the 1960’s many younger people joined our club, which, in 1966 led to the founding of the Evergreen Soccer Club (a division of the Evergreen Country Club). These young people, like the club founders, worked long, hard hours, and built their own soccer field stadium on the club premises in 1966. Still later, in 1970, the E.S.C. Junior Division was founded.

In 1989-1990 a large pavilion, with a stage and dance floor was erected. The pavilion seats approximately 240 people. Devoted Club members have made many other noticeable outside improvements. The Soccer Club saw renewed interest, and a dance group, the “Auerhahn Schuhplattlers”, became part of the Club. In 2003 the Sommer Garten was dedicated, and members could enjoy their dinner in an outdoor “Bier Garten” environment.

We have come a long way, and we can be proud of our achievements as we try to uphold the original principles of our founders. Let us all hope and pray that these same principles will be upheld for many years to come.