Changing the way we schedule entertainment!

Changing the way we schedule entertainment!

Unfortunately, do to low attendance and financial losses we are forced restructure the way we do business. We can no longer afford to provide weekly entertainment to our membership. To date, are $9000.00 short of covering entertainment cost with entrance fees and the bar and kitchen are not profitable enough to make up this deficit. On most Friday Nights we start the evening $400 to $800 in the red just based on entertainment cost. Our Friday bands range from $800 to $1200 per evening. Our average entrance fee intake is $400.

So, What are we doing, starting in the Fall/Winter you will see German/Polka music on the first and third Fridays of the Month. These nights, of course are for Members and Their Guest. Admissions will remain the same at $3 and $5. We will still be open on all other Fridays for dinners and gemutlichkeit. German music will always be played on house sound system.

We will also be focusing on the kitchen and menu to entice more members to come out with the family for dinner and drinks. It’s a great place to come to relax with the family. Remember, we are open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now Mondays.

So like we say, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!

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